Restoration (continued)

  In these photos you can see that I have now reglued the cracks in the scroll cheeks which closed up nicely once I removed one of the old end grain bushings because it was holding the crack open on the treble side. I will eventually remove all of them but not till I've reamed holes for the new same grain bushings to be made from the wood of the original neck. Also, I've now removed the original neck from the scroll.    

Progress as of October, 2009
  These photos show part of the process of replacing the missing purfling. I used fragments of the original to make new purfling that matches the material and width of the white. For the black, because the original is so thin, I used Japanese washi paper dyed to a similar dark brown, color. This a very strong hand made paper that takes dye and glue very well.    


  These photos show what I've done with the outside of the area under the tailpiece where it was gouged out and filled with red synthetic filler (Bondo?). After tediously digging the filler out with a knife point and magnifying glasses, I split tiny slivers of original wood salvaged from the through patch area under the fingerboard and glued them into the grooves left behind. In the area where short grain cracks had formed near the lower end of the bass bar (which had no doubt been over curved pulling the arching down in this area) I was able clean and reglue them so they're stronger and not as ugly.    



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